MonMon Travel Loyalty Program

Repeat Guest Discount

Thank you for travelling with us! As a sign of appreciation, we offer our repeat guests a €100 per person discount. The discount will be applied once you make the deposit and confirm the trip.

Referral Program

Nothing is more valuable than the good word of a friend. Spread the word about MonMon Travel to your friends and family and earn €100 towards your next trip with us. Better yet, new guests you refer to us will receive €100 towards their first trip with us, too.

Discount for a new guest referred by a past guest: €100 off your first trip with MonMon Travel
Discount for a past guest referring a new guest: €100 per referral that results in a MonMon Travel booking by a new guest

General Terms Applicable to Referrals

  • Discounts applicable to new bookings only
  • Discounts can be applied to any trip valued at a minimum of €2500
  • Discounts are calculated on a per trip booked basis and not on a per person basis (Example: If two of your referrals book one trip for themselves and three other travellers, a discount of €100 will be available to you)
  • For past guests, the maximum allowable discount that can be applied towards any one trip taken is €300 (i.e., not more than 3 qualifying referrals)
  • Referral discount is non-transferable and cannot be gifted to friends or family
  • Past guests must communicate their desire to use some or all of their qualifying referral discount at the initial stage of trip planning
  • New guests must communicate the name of the past guests, to qualify for the referral discount, at the initial stage of trip planning

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